Why Vote No On 457?

For years, the Glendale Police and Fire Departments have been losing men and women from the frontlines. Budgets have been cut to the bone. Response times have grown slower. Fire calls in the city have jumped 18%. Emergency medical calls have jumped 13%. Violent crime, including murder and assaults, has spiked. Property crime in Glendale today stands at an all-time high.

Now comes Proposition 457. It will cut more than 100 jobs from Glendale public safety – including taking dozens of uniformed, sworn police officers and firefighters off the street.

Proposition 457 will close two public libraries and the Rose Lane Pool. It will cut after-school programs for kids, end programs for senior citizens, slash services to the homeless and make it tougher for small business to get permits and licenses.

All to save the average homeowner about $2 a week.

VOTE NO ON 457. Join your police officers, fire fighters and the Glendale business community in protecting our city.

NO ON 457 saves police and fire fighters.

NO ON 457 saves libraries, children’s programs and senior service.

NO ON 457 saves Glendale.


  1. Rodeane Widom says:

    As a 27 year city employee (Library Director), I am sickened that the City of Glendale will have to reduce uniformed and civillian police and fire personnel. Parks and libraries will operate at a substandard level—we will be lucky if only Velma teague and Foothills are closed. Parks and libraries have never received the attention of our Mayor and most elected officials who have been focused on the highest level of sports facilities.

    Save quality services in Glendale.

    Please vote NO on prop 457.
    Rodeane Widom

  2. I am with you.

  3. Out in Glendale on Saturday and starting to see the No on Prop 457 signs going up thanks to the Fire & Police. This fight over the sales tax is about more than just public safety. Public safety, and lets be honest what that means, the public’s safety is…most important, but quality of life is also important.

    Closing libraries and the Rose Lane pool is wrong! Eliminating meals for seniors and meal delivery to disabled seniors is wrong!
    Eliminating after school programs for children who’s parents can’t afford to pay more is WRONG!

    A society is judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members. The last, the least, the littlest. That is who this proposition goes after the most.

    Most of the cuts that are proposed if this proposition is NOT defeated, directly affect children, in the elimination of after-school facilities, closing of libraries, and drastic cuts to parks are recreation maintenance.

    They affect seniors in elevated fees at the senior center, elimination of meals, and meal delivery to those home-bound, and also in library services. The elderly are also more greatly affected by slower response times by emergency medical services.

    The least – The city of Glendale is forced to eliminate the funds that are provided to CASS (Central Arizona Shelter Services). While not a lot, are funds that are given to help provide emergency shelter for Glendale residents.

    These are some of the reasons that we at GlendaleFirst!say Vote NO on Prop 457!

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